Technical components

The construction of the Nachtigal project was divided into 4 main packages:

Civil engineering works package for the general earthworks, the main dam, the closing dam, the canal water intakes, the power plant, the intake canal, the penstocks, the tailrace, etc.

Electromechanical works package for the equipment of the power station (7 Francis units of 60MW each) and the production substation.

Transmission line package for the construction of transmission lines between the power station and the substation; between the substation and the Nyom 2 connection station, as well as local distribution lines.

Housing estate package for the construction and equipment of the camp that houses all the operating staff of the hydroelectric facility.

The construction works of the Nachtigal project have stared on February 1st 2019.

At the end of November, the project’s overall progress rate was 91%, distributed as follows:

Civil engineering lot
Electromechanical lot
Transmission line lot
Housing estate lot
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