Project Ambition

Since its beginnings, the Nachtigal project had a vision: to be a major Cameroonian project at the service of the sustainable development of the country led by a responsible hydroelectrician.

To achieve this ideal, the project has set itself an industrial ambition in each of its phases.

During the construction phase, the Nachtigal project made health and safety a top priority in order to protect the thousands of actors who worked on its site.

In the operation phase, the Nachtigal project focuses on hydraulic safety with the objective of having no major events related to hydraulic safety and having a high-performance hydroelectric facility.

The Nachtigal project also has a strong environmental and social ambition, including :

  • Exemplary and responsible social support for the affected populations;
  • Significant and varied local economic benefits;
  • Innovative and long-term actions to preserve the environment.
  • A commitment for the preservation of the fundamental rights of the workers;
  • Support for the local economic development of the project area.

The environmental and social ambition of the project is fully in line with the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the UN.

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