Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Nachtigal project located?

The Nachtigal Project covers 5 departments, namely Haute Sanaga, Mbam and Kim, Lékié, Mefou-and-Afamba and the Mfoundi.

Is the Nachtigal Construction Site open to the public?

The Public Information Center welcomes all those who wish to visit the construction site modulo a visit request sent in advance through the visit request form

How does the recruitment process work at NHPC?

NHPC has set up a recruitment website and uses a recruitment agency to efficiently and transparently select the best applicants in the following steps:

  • Pre-sélection – the recruitment agency reviews all applications received through the recruitment website and provides NHPC with a long list of the best candidates;
  • Selection – Based on the long list proposed by the recruitment agency, NHPC makes a selection of the best candidates;
  • Test – The candidates selected by NHPC get tested and interviewed by the recruitment agency which then sends a report to NHPC;
  • Interview – The candidates selected after the tests are interviewed by a panel of managers at NHPC;
  • Negotiation – The best candidate after the interview is contacted by the Human Resources Department for negotiations and the signature of his/her contract.

The time taken to complete a recruitment after announcement varies depending on the role/position, but generally does not exceed 3 months.

Does NHPC recruit interns ?

NHPC recruits academic interns according to its needs.

Applicants should send a request for an internship (cover letter + CV) to the Managing Director of NHPC, together with a recommendation from their school, specifying the desired period of internship.

The internships requested are to be dropped at NHPC’s headquarters in Yaoundé, Nouvelle route Bastos.

How to file a complaint/an inquiry?

In accordance with the Complaints and Inquiries Mechanism, enquiries can be made orally or by email to the Complaints and Enquiries Officer, by sending an official letter addressed to NHPC, or through the online form Complaints.

How to report an ethics/compliance alert?

Integrity is one of NHPC’s core values. The company will only work with employees and partners who comply with its Ethics and Compliance Policy. In the event of a violation or suspicion of a violation , it is possible to issue an alert by clicking on the quick access link Ethics & Compliance Alerts. Once filled in the dedicated form, the alert will be forwarded to the Compliance Officer that will ensure it’s investigated and treated.

What is the procedure for becoming a supplier/provider at NHPC?

Consultations are made directly between the Purchasing Service and the companies/persons identified in NHPC’s list of suppliers.

In order to be included in the said list, one has to officially send an offer of services to NHPC in which it is recommended to include a catalogue of services already provided and to specify the references.

How is the Nachtigal project funded?

The Nachtigal project, with an overall cost of 800 billion CFA francs, is financed in a ” project finance ” mode, i.e., 24% by its shareholders’ equity and 76% by bank loan.

How long is the concession for the Nachtigal hydroelectric facility?

The State of Cameroon has granted NHPC a 35-year concession to operate the Nachtigal hydroelectric facility.

What are the roles of ENEO and SONATREL in the Nachtigal project?

ENEO is the distributor of the energy produced by Nachtigal, while SONATREL is in charge of the transmission of of this energy.

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