Communities’ social support

Beyond the management of people affected by the Nachtigal project, NHPC is an essential player in the economic and social vitality of the five districts on which the project is located: Mbandjock, Batchenga, Ntui, Soa and Obala.

In addition to the creation of direct and indirect jobs, NHPC carries out several other actions to improve the living conditions of communities.

Improving health care

NHPC strongly supports the health management of local populations. The companzy builds/rehabilitates and equips hospitals and medical centers in the project area, strengthens the capacities of their staff in particular in epidemiological monitoring and regularly carries out awareness campaigns within the communities (onchocerciasis, HIV-AIDS, waterborne and parasitic diseases, Covid-19, etc.). These actions are part of an extensive community health plan.

Promoting education and training

In close collaboration with the State of Cameroon through the Ministry of Secondary Education and the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training, NHPC reinforces the training capacities of technical secondary schools and SAR/SM (Craft and Rural Section/ Household Sections) in the Nachtigal project area.

The promotion of youth

NHPC encourages youth promotion activities through social, cultural and sports activities. The company sponsors holiday football championships and projects led by young people in the Nachtigal project area.

Supporting women

NHPC engages with women in the Nachtigal project area and encourages their participation in local economic and social development. This commitment is illustrated by supporting these women in the development of income-generating activities.

Support for vulnerable people

NHPC pays particular attention to people affected by the Nachtigal project who are in a vulnerable situation. The latter benefit from personalized support adapted to their conditions to help them implement economic micro-projects that generate income and contribute sustainably to the development of local economy.

The fight against gender-based violence

NHPC has actively participated in the fight against gender-based violence, in particular through awareness-raising activities within communities but also on the Nachtigal site during the construction phase. The company has also trained and installed a social worker from the NGO ALVF at the Batchenga District Medical Center to facilitate the care of survivors of this type of violence, both in terms of psychological follow-up and legal advice.

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